At Home

Clients At Home

"I am a young mother of four boys  20 months to 7 years old. Needless to say I could use some help  organizing. Bet came to my house for two hours and I was so impressed  with all we accomplished. We worked on a hall closet that for  me was, when I didn't know where to go with something, where it would  end up. Now I have a well organized space and when I open the closet  door I can quickly get what I need. I can now send anyone to the closet  to get something and not be embarrassed. Bet was so respectful and fun.  The time flew by. Her mouth didn't hit the floor when she opened the  closet door. She was very gracious. Bet also gave me great, easy, inexpensive ideas to organize and make my life a lot easier. If you need  to organize anything Bet is who you need. Thanks Bet!"

"My life had been total clutter. My home had been total clutter.  I never thought there would be any way to live without the clutter and  live in an organized home. Then Bet Hambleton entered my life, and  explained to me not only her goals for organizing my home, but also the  ways in which I could learn to keep it organized and cut down on the  clutter, if not eliminate it altogether!"


"What I also noticed about Bet's miraculous work was  that the clutter was not just in my house and my life - it was also in  my heart and soul. I never wanted to be in a messy house and it just  didn't feel like home. It's not perfect, but with Bet's initial help, I  am trying to make small steps every day. More than that, she has made me  aware of things I can do to alleviate this clutter everywhere - in my  home, life, and soul."


"I have been the recipient of many of Bet's hardworking hours  as she organized my kitchen, closets, drawers, garage and basement.  Bet's expertise in this area has made my home a much more enjoyable  place to live because we can now find things. She instructed me as we  went along, so that I could easily maintain the orderly environment that  she created. This has been a tremendous blessing to our family. I  highly recommend Bet to you. She will give you more than honest  work...she gives you hard work with a smile, and it's from the heart."


"Bet is a delight to work with! She is  energetic, focused, and motivated, yet sensitive with regard to  sentimental areas. She acknowledges that organization in one's living  area impacts thoughts and moods. 'We were designed for order,' she says. I feel 10 pounds lighter after a few hours of her help! Bet -- you are a blessing!"


"From the first time Bet stepped into my house, she has always been very gracious and kind.  She has never put me down or made fun of my messes. She has taken her  task very seriously, and also with joy and caring. My problem started  manifesting itself after years of working on the road. I'd "clean out"  my vehicle to make room for passengers by putting all my papers in a box  and placing it in the house. By the time Bet came to rescue me, I was  "drowning in a sea of papers"...multiple piles (five or six feet high.)  In a period of four hours, she made sense of the chaos and I could again  recognize the room in which we were working. And I had fun  participating in the transformation! Somehow I survived before Bet came  on the scene, but I was anxious and overwhelmed. I found out that I do  have a need for order. Thank you, Bet for all you've done for me. I will  always be singing your praises!"

In The Office

Clients At The Office

"When we took several hours to tackle the disorganized mess of my office, I was very impressed  with Bet's knowledge of corporate documentation requirements, as well  as her knowledge of the basics, including how to determine what stays  and what goes, and to physically place the items in my office for easy  access as well as for best aesthetics. The work that we did that day  continues to benefit my efficiency and my state of mind now, for several  months down the road. I would gladly recommend her service to any busy  executive who is challenged by a heavy workload and with little time to  set aside day-to-day tasks to proactively manage his or her workspace."

"We have used Bet's organizing services on three different occasions - twice in our home and once in our business.  Each time we have found that Bet tackles the various organizational  challenges with energy and efficiency. She breaks down the 'problem  area' quickly and provides solid solutions that have equipped us to be  able to maintain a higher level of organization."

"Thank you for your kind  words and encouragement, you are such a lovely person!  You have given  me some extra things to think about as I chip-away at this. Hopefully I  will be able to accomplish my goals in the coming months due to your  added influence. I really appreciate your friendly approach, the way you  consider someone’s personality as it applies to each situation, yet  gently reminding them of the objective. It’s  nice to know that I have someone in my corner that understands the  process. As I continue my project, I feel supported, which is important  when things get a little tough. Thank you again, I enjoyed working with you, and will be in touch with you in a few months."