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I've found people with good self-esteem can maintain their space more easily. In my recent reading, I came across this article by Barton Goldsmith and am sharing it with you. Here are some great ideas to help you work on your own self-confidence and find more joy and peace in your life."

"Ten Ways to Bolster Your Self-Esteem"

Self-confidence is not difficult to acquire. But if you don't have enough, it can make succeeding in life hard. All you need is desire and persistence. Here are 10 tools to help you get there:

By Barton Goldsmith - Scripps Howard

  1. Don't judge the events of your life. You are the sum total of your experiences, and the end result of your time here on earth could be far different from what you imagine. Focus on what you do best. Greatness in any one area spills over into other areas.
  2. Don't be too easily offended. What others think of you is none of your business. Being dispassionate when it comes to critical comments from those around you is a great tool for success. In addition, don't believe everything you read or hear until after you've thought about it.
  3. Help someone less fortunate. No matter how far down you may feel, there is always someone who could use a helping hand. Teach, do, give or simply just be there.
  4. Confidence always lies somewhere within. A person grows when he or she thinks, contemplates and dreams. Keep a journal and write down your ideas, reflections and random thoughts.
  5. Don't see failure. If you don't reach your goals the first time you try, don't perceive it as a failure. If you don't achieve things immediately, remember that you have learned something and will do better next time. The way to develop confidence is to know that no matter what happens, you will grow from the experience.
  6. Get educated. You can't feel confident unless you know what you need to know. Whether it's a computer program (or even a game), a foreign lanquage or a new dance step, adding to your knowledge base increases your confidence. Learn, research and never stop reading.
  7. Act "as if." Acting like life is already going your way can be a great psychological tool for building confidence. It allows you to physically and emotionally feel success in your body. You also send out a vibe that others pick up.
  8. Face your fears. When you overcome something that frightens you, it makes you stronger and more self-reliant. Once you've conquered a fear, it makes getting through the next challenge much easier.
  9. Find a mentor. If you didn't have the kind of parenting that helped you develop self-confidence, it's not too late. Find someone you respect and ask that person to be your mentor. Most are flattered by the request and will do what they can to help you.
  10. Take good care of yourself. Stay healthy, exercise, keep your energy high and reward yourself appropriately for your achievements. Doing things you enjoy, like wearing clothes that make you feel good about yourself or hanging out with people you know care for you, is a good confidence builder. Believing in your self is one of life's greatest gifts. With it, you can make your world a better place and thoroughly enjoy the journey.

A word from Bet:

I have discovered many times folks get into "clutter trouble" when they have had a physical or emotional set-back in life. They don't have (or don't take) the time to do the little daily activities that maintain an orderly home or office. With the passing of time things pile up producing overwhelming disorder. Discouragement soon follows and things can get worse when the person gives up trying. That's the time I usually get a call to help.

I love to be a part of digging someone out of discouragement! But I'd love each person to be able to avoid this condition in the first place. A large part of my work with clients involves teaching them how to maintain their space once I've helped them have order there.

10 Ways to Bolster Your Self-Esteem


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